December 12, 2018

A couple months ago I purchased a Cricut Explore Air 2 following the binge watch of YouTube videos showcasing comparisons between various models. This video was great in doing various tests (cut precision, speed test, sound test) between the machines, which led me to buy the Cricut!

Yesterday, I decided to unbox it and do a couple of basic projects to better understand the features. Verdict: It’s an awesome little machine and I’m looking forward to using it for all sorts of different projects.

The first big project? Bullet Journaling template stickers!

Right now I’m putting together the scaffold of a YouTube video on the subject of effective bullet journaling, which will lead into a quick how-to on creating templates for quickly putting together a new book.


- What is/Why Bullet Journaling?
- General Starting Layout
  - Intro 
- Modifying the 'Default' Layout
- Bullet Journaling as Agile
- Demo / Process
  - Starting point: Chronological notebook (not using bullet journaling, per say)
  - Iteration: Noticing Patterns, Grouping What's Important
  - Create the Bullet Journal
    - Draw out the format 
    - Create Template Stickers
    - Move boldly forward

I hope that y’all enjoy it once it’s posted.

Brenna Flood

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